Custom Screen Print & Embroidery

Enterprise T-Shirts, Inc.

Southern Snow is our line of casual wear apparel and accessories inspired by the endless fields of cotton blanketing the Deep South.
We chose the cotton boll as our logo because cotton plays such an integral role in the lives of tens of millions of Americans. From clothing, to jobs that stimulate the economy, cotton has helped to shape our great nation.
Southern Snow screen-prints and embroiders on 100% cotton apparel wherever possible as a tribute to the cotton farmer and the hard-working men and women of the cotton industry. However, due to fashion and style demands, sometimes it's not always possible to use only 100% cotton products; therefore, we always use products that have at minimum of 25% cotton.
Much like American cotton, Southern Snow Apparel has its roots deep in the South. Based in Enterprise, Alabama, our core values are very representative of our traditional way of life.

Work hard.
Be polite.
Wear cotton.